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Our studio provides a friendly, compassionate and non-competitive environment to help you explore all the possibilities and benefits of a yoga practice.  Yoga is for everyone, but not all classes are for everyone, so please check the descriptions and pick the class appropriate for your level.

BEGINNERS: Yoga Basics, Stretch & Restore, Strong Bones/Healthy Alignment, Gentle Flow, Yin, Slow Mellow Flow, Yin & Restore


A practice based on the foundational postures and healthy alignment in a grounded and steady pace. Build strength, create flexibility and come into balance in mind, body & spirit. Simple breathing practices and meditation will be offered. 
Beginners and All Levels of Practice.


This class incorporates pilates-based movements as a modality to cross-train in preparation for advanced yoga postures such as inversions, arm balances, backbends and other advanced yoga postures. Variations will be offered to allow each student to move at their own pace and take the option suitable for their practice.



A moderately paced open level flow. You will be guided through breath centered warm-ups, rhythmic sun salutations followed by a sequence of standing, balancing and seated postures for strength and flexibility. Appropriate levels of inversion practice or arm balances are always optional and variations will be offered. The practice will conclude with a relaxing savasana. Yoga offers a complete spectrum of yoga benefits including increased flexibility, released tension and strength of mind, body and spirit. For students with a knowledge of sun salutations and foundational postures looking for a challenge and to build endurance. Strong Beginner through advanced.


Nurture yourself in this class which offers a welcoming environment for every body!  We will practice at a slower breath-centered pace, feeling ease in movement and lessening pain.  This special class includes yoga postures to address and relieve the common discomforts of lower back tension, tight hips, joint aches and more. Beginners & All levels / Pre/Post Natal.


A slow mellow flow that will offer you ease of mind, body and spirit. A practice centered around letting go, ease and good effort. You will be guided through a slow yoga flow with opportunities to listen to your own inner wisdom and move in a way that nourishes your soul. We will end with a seated mindfulness meditation before relaxing in savasana.

All levels of practice. If joining virtually, please have blocks and a blanket/beach towel handy.


This class will begin with the practice of Yin postures. Yin is the passive holding of postures supported by props for a deep stretch and release. The second half of class will be  Restorative using props to calm the nervous system and fully support the body, mind and soul. (No yoga experience. All Levels.)


Did you know that in order to strengthen your bones you must put pressure on them?
And did you know that you really can improve your bone health?
This is a lifetime not just an aging issue, and paying attention to our bone strength is crucial.
This class will consist of 12 poses that have been proven to be effective In strengthening bones.
Alignment will be from the Iyengar tradition suitable for all.


A quicker paced flow through creative sun salutations followed by a thoughtfully sequenced vinyasa building progressively towards a Peak Pose challenge. Modifications as well as opportunities of challenge always offered. Class will end with a well deserved savasana.

For students with a steady practice looking to move and find more challenge in all aspects of the practice through mind, body and breath.


Yin Yoga is the practice of using body weight and gravity in floor-based postures to lengthen the connective tissues. Poses are held for several minutes each. This quiet, yet physically and mentally challenging practice increases flexibility and serves as a gateway to deeper meditation. Beginners & All levels of practice. 


Join us every Friday evening for a class that will guide you into the weekend with an open level flow followed by deeply relaxing restorative postures. Perfect for students with an established practice who are looking to move on the breath and work up some heat before winding down with poses to soothe the nervous system and aid in relaxation.


Ashtanga is a dynamic form of hatha yoga focused on energy and breath, it also promotes mental clarity and inner peace. 

We will practice two types of sun salutations, standing postures, and a combination of seated and finishing postures from the Ashtanga Primary Series. It is suitable for all levels of practice, including those who are interested in an abbreviated practice or those who are looking to develop a regular daily routine. Vinyasa students are welcome. No Ashtanga experience necessary. Students with knowledge of Sun Salutations/Foundational Postures through Advanced Students looking for a challenge and building endurance.

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