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Yoga Teacher

Thalia began practicing yoga nearly a decade ago and was instantly drawn by the beauty of breath-connected movement. After several years of consistent practice, Yoga became so much richer and fuller than she could have ever imagined. This experience made the process of exploring yoga and evolving her practice an essential part of daily life. After a brief stint in corporate America, Thalia decided to pursue her overwhelming passion for yoga and in 2011 she received her teaching certification.
Always a student at heart, her passion lies in providing a class where everyone can cultivate flexibility, strength and growth through deep self-awareness, concentration, movement and breathing exercises. In a creative and safe way, her aim is to empower students to move beyond the limitations of the mind and connect to their authentic self and untapped potential.
As a meditator and yogi, Thalia is committed to teaching yoga as a complete spiritual science. Her classes integrate a blend of styles learned throughout her journey and most importantly are designed to welcome new students alike. Thalia is deeply grateful for all of her teachers, who model tremendous courage and share their wisdom of the yogic path with genuine passion.

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